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Electronic Profile Information Center
(Web-Based Profiles and Assessments)

The Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC) system incorporates web-based technology to generate DiSC® reports instantly. EPIC was designed from the ground up to improve and expedite the way you work with profiles and assessments, eliminating the need to manually score and generate reports. This user-friendly web-based system lets you take control and manage profiles online through a personalized EPIC SubAccount. If you can access the internet, you can access the EPIC system from anywhere in the world. (Of course, you can still purchase the paper-based profiles and assessments. See our list of these paper instruments under Training Products.)

The EPIC system is used extensively by trainers, facilitators, consultants and organizations who prefer having the control to administer and manage DiSC reports and core assessments anytime anywhere.

If your business requires fewer DiSC® reports, see DiSC Profiles Online.

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DiSC Classic 1.0 EPIC SubAccount (Web-Based)

Item: EPIC-W-801

One-Time Setup: $195.00

DiSC Classic 1.0 EPIC Credits (Web-Based)

Item: EPIC-W-800

EPIC Credits: $4.30 ea.

Quantity discounts for EPIC credits are available and will be adjusted as follows:

$4.30 ea for qty 50-249
$4.10 ea for qty 250-499
$3.85 ea for qty 500-749
$3.75 ea for qty 750-999
$3.65 ea for qty 1000-1499
$3.55 ea for qty 1500-1999
$3.45 ea for qty 2000 or more

The following reports and assessments are available through the EPIC online system. The column on the right displays the number of credits used to generate each report.

EPIC Generated Reports: Credits
DiSC Classic 1.0 (English or Spanish) 15
DiSC Classic 2.0 Narrative (English or Spanish) 15
DiSC Classic 2 Plus * (English or Spanish) 25
DiSC Classic Group Culture Report 25
DiSC Classic Facilitator Report 25
DiSC Classic Team View (English or Spanish) 0
DiSC PPSS - General Characteristics (English or Spanish) 20
- Approach to Managing Others 5
- Approach to Selling 5
- Relating to People and the Environment 5
- Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship 5
- Strategies for Managing 5
- Strategies for Sales Management 5
Everything DiSC Workplace Profile (English or Spanish) 15
Everything DiSC Management Profile 25
Everything DiSC Sales Profile 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group Report 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report 25
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders 50
Everything DiSC 8 Dimensions of Leadership Book Map 0
Everything DiSC Group Culture Report 25
Everything DiSC Facilitator Report 25
Everything DiSC Comparison Report (English or Spanish) 0
Everything DiSC Team View 0
DiSC PPSS - Role Behavior Analysis (RBA) 5
DiSC PPSS - Comparison of Multiple PPS/RBA 5
DiSC PPSS - Comparison of Multiple PPSs 5
DiSC PPSS - Comparison of Multiple RBAs 5
DiSC PPSS - Comparison of Single PPS/RBA 5
DiSC Action Planner - Customer Service 4
DiSC Action Planner - Management 4
DiSC Action Planner - Managing Performance 4
DiSC Action Planner - Sales 4
Personal Listening Profile 10
Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report 15
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 10
Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report 15
Time Mastery Profile 10
Time Mastery Profile Facilitator Report 15

Your EPIC SubAccount gives you the power and flexibility to:

  • Manage your electronic profile system
  • Deliver assessments and profiles worldwide electronically
  • Control when the respondent views the online report
  • Personalize the report and the online welcome page with your logo and company information

Call 800-575-4001 or email us for additional information and to learn how EPIC can work for you.

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